Jackson County, MI runs and owns a comprehensive recycling road program

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Jackson County is the only municipality in the US that owns and operates a recycling road program. The county purchased new road recycling equipment that is used to grind up roads to create new road base. Road recycling reduces cracking, costs, and creates stronger roads.

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The program has already received national recognition and awards for its innovation. The program is estimated to save $100,000 per mile of road paved. Taxpayers are estimated to save more than $125 million over the next 50 years. The first project already saved the county money.

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Road Recycling Improves County Roads11
Problem: Inadequate funding for road improvements has left county roads in poor conditions. Solution: | Transportation & Infrastructure
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Philadelphia's Office of Innovation & Technology requested pilot-ready technology from private sector applicants. The successful applicant will receive up to $34,000 to evaluate local roads and provide prioritized recommendations for repairs. The AI-enabled software or system will also create a road signs inventory and a map of manholes and grates. Philadelphia previously used the Pitch & Pilot program to find smart solutions for water quality and waste management issues.

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