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Road & Traffic Management


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Boulder, CO tracks traffic incidents throughout the city with its Crash Data Dashboard

The interactive dashboard maps every traffic crash reported to local police since 2017. Users find current-year data on total crashes and fatalities when first opening the dashboard. Visualizations of historical crash severity and types present trends in traffic safety. Pinpoints on the Crash Data Dashboard map open to details including location, weather conditions, and time of day. Boulder will use the dashboard for future safety improvements to its Core Arterial Network.

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Boulder, CO

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United States

Helsinki, FI collaborates with Geo Mobility and on smart mobility analytics platform

A pilot version of Helsinki's new analytics tool feeds Geo Mobility's traffic data sets into the platform. This combination creates multiple levels of traffic and mobility insights based on historical data. Municipal officials learn more about issues like vehicle near-misses with pedestrians at intersections and neighborhoods with high concentrations of tailpipe emissions. Project leaders will evaluate data limits and possibilities for a mobility-focused digital twin during the pilot.

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Helsinki, FI

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Antwerpen, VAN trials Sparrow sensor technology for real-time environmental monitoring

Twenty city trucks and delivery vehicles were outfitted with Sparrow's mobile sensor nodes for the pilot. Each roof-mounted node measures nitrogen dioxide, particulate matter, and other air pollutants during the vehicle's daily routes. Sparrow nodes also collect information on road conditions like surface temperatures and noise levels. Ongoing data collection supports informed decisions by residents about outdoor activities, commutes, and housing.

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Antwerpen [Antwerp], VAN

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Bellevue, WA works toward Vision Zero goals by implementing new traffic signal technology

Adaptive signal technology from Ouster, Outsight, and Sighthound was piloted at two downtown intersections. The AI-enabled system analyzes camera footage and LiDAR data for real-time traffic light adjustments. These insights make intersections safer by changing lights based on all traffic, a blindspot of the existing inductive-loop system. Bellevue also expanded its use of leading pedestrian intervals to 41 intersections based on video analytics showing reductions in close calls.

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Bellevue, WA

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United States

Hobart, TAS connects traffic cameras to Milestone XProtect platform for improved coverage

A 2020 city audit of traffic cameras found a lack of central control along with inoperable devices. Milestone XProtect connects cameras and sensors from multiple manufacturers to the city's Safe City Hub. Local officers monitor real-time traffic trends and obstructions from 370 data streams throughout Hobart. XProtect also supports searches for footage based on time and location. This feature enables the efficient collection of evidence for police investigations.

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Hobart, TAS

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Tampa, FL Solar Intersection Project creates off-grid energy for traffic lights during emergencies

City officials sought a reliable method for powering traffic lights following outages caused by Hurricane Irma in 2017. Solar Earth installed 84 solar panels to power traffic lights at a downtown intersection. The panels are slip resistant and durable enough to withstand up to five tons of weight. Intersection lights can operate for up to three days on solar power during power outages. An electrical box near the panels explains the environmental and safety benefits of the technology.

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Tampa, FL

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United States

Charlotte, NC connects commuters to real-time intersection data during TravelSafely Pilot

The Charlotte Department of Transportation asks commuters in the South End to download TravelSafely. The free mobile app alerts drivers moving at high speeds to pedestrians and cyclists at upcoming intersections. Audio and visual alerts also inform commuters about upcoming red lights, green lights, and slow-speed zones. City officials will compare crash data before and after TravelSafely's introduction when evaluating its contribution to a Vision Zero strategy.

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Charlotte, NC

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United States

Saskatoon, SK Veteran Parking Pilot Program measures impacts on parking availability and traffic

Saskatoon seeks a method of offering free parking for military veterans without new infrastructure or signage. The one-year pilot allows motorists with veteran specialty plates to park for free in paid parking zones. Eligible vehicles can stay in these zones within the time limits indicated by street signage. Pilot data will be used during discussions of extending or making this parking privilege permanent in 2023.

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Saskatoon, SK

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Boston, MA mandates sustainable designs for curb extensions with green infrastructure policy

Five design options for new curb extensions include subsurface infiltration areas, bioswales, and wildflower seedings. The city offers maintenance contracts for projects incorporating porous paving or tree pits into extensions. Boston will also encourage local groups to adopt specific curb extensions for light maintenance. Local officials believe sustainable curb extensions will improve stormwater filtration and shape similar standards for other infrastructure projects.

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Boston, MA

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United States

Anaheim, CA uses Iteris ClearAsset and ClearGuide solutions for improved traffic management

The cloud-based programs allow Anaheim to monitor high-capacity roads without manual inspections. ClearAsset creates a centralized inventory of smart traffic technology across the city and anticipates maintenance needs. ClearGuide's Arterial Performance Measures (APM) module gathers real-time data on travel times for traffic light retiming and congestion identification. APM also evaluates how current traffic conditions impact surrounding highways.

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Anaheim, CA

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United States

Municipal District of Greenview, AB seeks improved response times with Green Light Pilot Program

Volunteers with Greenview Fire Rescue Services (GFRS) place flashing green lights in their personal vehicles. Lights are activated in transit to GFRS stations or the locations of service calls. Motorists are asked to give the right of way to vehicles with green lights. Three GFRS stations each received two dashboard lights for the pilot running through December 2022. Local officials will evaluate the impacts of green lights on emergency response times in early 2023.

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Municipal District of Greenview, AB

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Gelsenkirchen, NW accelerates emission reductions with smart parking pilot in Buerschen City

Gelsenkirchen's Green City Plan calls for a multi-faceted approach to air quality improvements. Overhead sensors were installed for vacancy monitoring at 2,100 public parking spaces in Buerschen City. Drivers consult with a smart parking app for real-time vacancy information and navigation assistance. The sensor network reduces the emissions created by vehicles circling blocks for open spaces. Municipal officials are evaluating the pilot installation for potential expansion in 2023.

Road & Traffic Management+3

Gelsenkirchen, NW

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