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Sacramento, CA launches $500,000 pilot to install 100 air quality monitors in low-income areas

Sacramento, CA air quality monitoring in low-income areas

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The city of Sacramento is partnering with the Sacramento Metro Air District to install 100 air quality monitors in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. These areas consistently have worse air quality because they are surrounded by freeways and industrial buildings while lacking green spaces. The $500,000 pilot program will prioritize placing sensors in neighborhoods that have historically lacked real-time, localized air quality information.


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Sacramento, Calif., to Add Air Quality Tech in Poorer Areas

As part of a $500,000 pilot program, Sacramento, Calif., will install 100 air quality monitors in low-income neighborhoods and communities of color. Such areas tend to have worse air quality than their counterparts.


City Council approves air-quality-monitor pilot program for low-income communities - City Express

The Sacramento City Council on Tuesday approved an agreement for a new pilot program that will expand community air quality monitoring. The pilot program will include the deployment of 100 air quality monitors to residents, schools, community-based organizations and businesses, officials said. Priority locations will be in low-income communities disproportionately affected by air pollution. “Air quality […]

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