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Bellevue, WA collaborates with T-Mobile on a Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything technology pilot

Bellevue, WA T-Mobile Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything Pilot


T-Mobile's C-V2X prototype communicates real-time traffic conditions between traffic lights and vehicles. The system uses 5G connectivity for continuous communications with minimal delays. A mobile app for the pilot activates audio and visual alerts when the user's vehicle approaches potentially dangerous situations. Bellevue and T-Mobile selected mid-block crosswalks, school zones, and reduced-speed zones to test C-V2X's impacts on road safety.


Bellevue, WA

Municipality in Washington

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United States



City of Bellevue and T-Mobile Join Forces to Reduce Traffic-Related Fatalities - T-Mobile Newsroom

Washington’s fifth-largest city to deploy network-based C-V2X and T-Mobile 5G to facilitate near real-time communications between vehicles, traffic infrastructure and vulnerable road users


T-Mobile Celebrates Innovative Customers at Second Annual Unconventional Awards - T-Mobile Newsroom

T-Mobile honors visionary business customers at futuristic Mobile World Congress event featuring a 5G-powered drone show and special guest Malcolm Gladwell

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