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Bristol City Council, GB expedites payments to local companies with Supplier Incentive Scheme

Bristol City Council, GB Supplier Incentive Scheme Companies

In Progress

The city and Oxygen Finance offer fast payment of invoices to companies with public contracts. This scheme applies a small discount on payments to large companies. Small and mid-sized businesses can participate at no cost. The Supplier Incentive Scheme stimulates the local economy by increasing supplier cash flow. Bristol officials realize savings from the discounts while streamlining payments to thousands of suppliers.

FinanceEconomic DevelopmentPayment Processing

Bristol City Council, GB

Unitary authority in England

United Kingdom



Bristol City Council agrees to early payment initiative with Oxygen Finance – Oxygen Finance


Getting cashflow moving for Bristol businesses

Supplier Incentive Scheme to lift local economy

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Bristol City Council, GB opens One Front Door portal for businesses and job seekers
Bristol City Council, GB collaborates with Maybe* on social media resources for local businesses

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