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Buffalo, NY prevents sewer overflows during storms with the Wastewater Network Optimization System

Buffalo, NY Wastewater Network Optimization System


Xylem's platform collects data from sensors throughout the city's sewer system. Machine learning processes result in predictions about potential overflows during heavy rains. This system automatically channels water into sewer pipes with available capacity, thus preventing wastewater from entering local waterways. The Buffalo Sewer Authority did not need to add new infrastructure for the project and can scale up the platform's use for future system extensions.


Buffalo, NY

Municipality in New York

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United States



Smart Cities World - Water - Smart sewer tech saves Buffalo $145m and reduces pollution

Buffalo Sewer Authority has saved $145m by deploying a smart sewer system from Xylem that reduced polluted water flowing into its rivers during storm events.


Buffalo Sewer Authority Saves $145 Million, Cuts Pollution with Smart Sewer Technology | Xylem US

Project Succeeded

Local officials estimated $145 million in savings following the platform's adoption.

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