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Cambridge City Council, GB introduces first plug-in electric collection lorry as part of fleet shift

Cambridge City Council, GB First Plug-in Electric Lorry


The Dennis Eagle eCollect gathers recycling bins as part of the city's Shared Waste Service with South Cambridgeshire. This all-electric vehicle relies on a 200kW motor and five battery packs to complete each route on a single charge. Shared Waste Service's depot uses solar energy to recharge the eCollect along with two passenger vans. Cambridge and South Cambridgeshire plan to convert the 55-vehicle collection fleet to electric or hydrogen models.

Fleet ManagementRecyclingElectric VehicleResiliency

Cambridge City Council, GB

Non-metropolitan district in England

United Kingdom

Governments Involved


South Cambridgeshire District Council, GB

United Kingdom




Innovative urban waste collection.

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