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Christchurch City Council, NZ evaluates the impacts of eClean Bioreactor on waterway health

Christchurch City Council, NZ eClean Bioreactor Waterway

In Progress

The Smart Christchurch team worked with device inventor Ngarie Scartozzi on a real-world trial on the Ōtākaro Avon River. The eClean Bioreactor is powered by solar panels and filters water through an internal microbiome. This treatment process removes E.coli, nitrates, and phosphates from the water supply. Christchurch and Scartozzi are measuring the device's effectiveness before expanding its use to areas including local farm drainage.


Christchurch City Council, NZ

City council in New Zealand

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New invention could help clean up waterways : Newsline

A Christchurch City Council-funded trial of an innovative new method for improving water quality in rivers and streams is showing promising results.


UC scientist's invention promises to 'transform the health of waterways' | Star News

A ratepayer-funded trial of an innovative new method for improving water quality in Christchurch is showing promising results. Through its Smart...

Project Succeeded

Scartozzi found that up to 95% of nitrates were eliminated from river water during the pilot's first five months. The eClean Bioreactor also removed heavy metals including cadmium and lead.

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