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Cockburn, WA addresses landfill contributions by food producers with Commercial Food Waste Trial

Cockburn, WA Commercial Food Waste Trial

In Progress

The city recruited restaurants, grocers, and other food sources for the three-month pilot. Participants received bins and liners for food waste collected by waste management teams. Project partner Richgro uses anaerobic digestion to turn discarded food into fertilizer and biogas electricity for community use. Cockburn reduced 41,000 kilograms of emissions and cut down on landfill contributions during the pilot.

Waste ManagementBusiness EngagementRecyclingPilot / POC

Cockburn, WA

City in Western Australia



Commercial Food Waste Trial - City of Cockburn

The City of Cockburn is running a 3-month Commercial Food Waste Trial. This trial provides a free food waste collection service to local food retailers and restaurants to prevent waste going to landfill and reduce potent greenhouse gas emissions.



Successful food waste trial extended - City of Cockburn


City of Cockburn extend commercial food waste trial following strong early results | Community News

A local council has extended its WA-first waste trial after converting four months worth of food scraps into enough energy to power a household for a decade.

Project Succeeded

The city collected 21 tons of food waste from 22 participating businesses during the initial pilot. Council leaders approved a two-month extension of the program.

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