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Jundiaí, SP partnered with Clarity to establish a new real-time air quality monitoring program

Jundiaí SP real-time air quality monitoring program

In Progress

Jundiaí City Hall has partnered with Clarity to establish a new air quality monitoring program. The program is being funded through a donation from NB Capital Investimentos and Consultoria LTDA. The program involves installing two Clarity Node-S air sensors at strategic locations in the city to make air pollution measurement more accessible, reliable, and affordable. The sensors use IoT technology to store real-time measurements of particulate materials and nitrogen dioxide in the cloud.

IoTDataAir QualityPublic Private Partnership (PPP)

Jundiaí, SP

Municipality in São Paulo



NB Capital - The new bridge between Advisory and Investments.

Our strategic presence in the expanding markets of Brazil and China offers our clients on-site services to reduce entry costs and maintain a tight control on overseas operations. Our local knowledge and partners give clients an instant access to a comprehensive and effective network.

Low-Cost Air Quality Monitoring & Measurement | Clarity Movement Co.

Clarity’s cost-effective, reliable air quality monitoring and measurement system is currently deployed across 85 cities in 49 countries. Find out why.



Jundiaí, Brazil, announces innovative new air quality monitoring program

Jundiaí, Brazil, announced an innovative new air quality monitoring program using two Clarity Node-S to measure air pollutants at strategic locations across the city.

Jundiaí terá monitoramento da qualidade do ar com tecnologia inovadora | Notícias

Saber como está a qualidade do ar da cidade em tempo real, com o detalhamento das substâncias e garantindo informações para a tomada de decisões pela gestão da Prefeitura de Jundiaí são os objetivos que a parceria firmada por meio de doação de serviços da empresa NB Capital Investimentos e Consultoria LTDA, em reunião virtual, […]

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