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Luzerne County, PA strengthens election integrity with the addition of ImageCast X ballot machines

Luzerne County, PA ImageCast X Ballot Election Integrity

In Progress

The Command Central ImageCast X poll book allows voters to easily fill out their ballots on a touchscreen. Completing the digital ballot prints off a paper ballot scanned to complete the voting process. Poll workers use digital signatures to prevent double voting and confirm that residents are casting ballots at the right location. Luzerne County selected ImageCast X because it improves accessibility and protects against hacking with no connectivity requirement.

Voting SystemsElection Security

Luzerne County, PA

County in Pennsylvania

United States of America



Command Central

Command Central is an election management company that works with local election officials to ensure successful elections.


On Election Day | Luzerne County, PA

Provides a list of approved forms of ID, photo and non-photo, as well as a resource to locate your polling place and information on the voting systems.

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