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Sønderborg, DK tests an AI-enabled system for assistive technology requests

Sønderborg, DK AI-Enabled Assistive Technology System


Municipal officials received a 3.2 million Danish krone grant to fund a pilot of application reviews by artificial intelligence. Sønderborg handles 5,000 requests per year for equipment addressing conditions including diabetes and dementia. The pilot tests how well AI technology reviews medical documentation and prioritizes cases based on condition. The selected platform will give proper weight to the unique nature of each request without additional staff time.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)Health & Human ServicesAssisted TechnologiesPilot / POC

Sønderborg, DK

Municipality in Syddanmark




3,2 mio. kr. til afprøvning af kunstig intelligens i sagsbehandling - sonderborg.dk

Sønderborg Kommune er i forbindelse med regeringens finanslovsforslag indstillet til at modtage midler til et signaturprojekt, der skal afprøve kunstig

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Sønderborg, DK provides professional counseling services to young residents with Cyberhus Sønderborg

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