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Tweed, NSW adds smart parking enforcement vehicle that streamlines ticketing and evidence gathering

Tweed, NSW Smart Parking Enforcement Vehicle Ticketing


Tweed's Rangers Team integrated updated parking maps into an onboard GPS system. The vehicle is topped by 360-degree cameras from SenSen Networks that discern legal parking from illegal parking. Violations of no-stop, no-parking, and loading-zone restrictions are recorded for ranger ticketing. Shire officials also deployed the parking enforcement vehicle to monitor time-limited parking and school zones.


Tweed, NSW

Area in New South Wales

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Smart Technology Providing Tweed Council with More Efficient and Safer Enforcement Tools

Like many growing regional coastal areas of Australia, the Tweed Shire has recently been facing significant challenges in coping with a major influx of visitors and more permanent residents migrating from major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. Whilst this activity is a great boost for our local


Media Release - Parking enforcement vehicle put through its paces - Tweed Shire Council

Project Succeeded

A successful first year led officials to expand the vehicle's use to monitoring the Tweed Coast for illegal overnight camping.

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