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Public Safety


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Sacramento, CA is using the InVeris virtual reality system for police officer training

The Sacramento Police Department has started using the InVeris virtual reality training system to build scenarios based on real-life police encounters. The practice scenarios allow police officers to apply techniques such as implicit-bias, cultural competency, de-escalation, and peer intervention. The adjustable and modular system allows two officers to complete a virtual scenario together, receive instructions over the headset, and analyze footage of their behaviors afterwards.

Public Safety+3

Sacramento, CA

United States

Cleveland County, OK launched a new drone program to help with search and rescue cases

The Cleveland County Sheriff's Office launched a new drone program to help with search and rescue cases. The drones are equipped with spotlights, a public address system, and infrared cameras. The spotlights and infrared cameras allow the drones to identify heat signatures over a large area in a few minutes. The public address system allows deputies to communicate with individuals at the scene and de-escalate potentially dangerous situations.

Public Safety+3

Cleveland County, OK

United States

Casey, VIC takes next steps toward equitable recreation spaces with YourGround map

Casey worked with CrowdSpot and the XYX Lab at Monash University to generate feedback from vulnerable populations. Women and non-binary people click Add a Spot on the map to anonymously share their experiences. Council officials are looking for first-hand experiences and notes about public spaces that are unsafe. The project also turns positive experiences with local recreation into models for improving the community.

Public Safety+3

Casey, VIC


Austin, TX shapes police academy pilot with community feedback and an equity-centered blueprint

The police cadet class starting in June 2021 will participate in a 34-week pilot based on community input. The Academy Curriculum Review Committee evaluates course content and videos through the lens of equitable policing. Cadets receive 30 hours of community engagement training, an eight-hour History of Race and Policing course, and anti-racism training. The Austin Police Department integrates trainees into local neighborhoods with a two-week immersion period.

Public Safety+3

Austin, TX

United States

Baltimore, MD works with community partners on mental health emergency response pilot

City dispatchers divert calls in two categories - suicidal and alert and non-suicidal and alert - to the Here2Help phone line. The service run by Baltimore Crisis Response, Inc. replaces referrals by police officers with expert phone assistance. Data consultants and the Baltimore Fire Department will evaluate daily calls for quality purposes during the pilot. The 911 Diversion Pilot provides improved mental health services for approximately 1,000 calls per year.

Public Safety+3

Baltimore, MD

United States

Livorno, TOS offers kennel services for the pets of domestic abuse victims

Municipal officials found that dogs, cats, and other pets owned by abuse victims are often harmed by perpetrators. La cuccia nel bosco - The Kennel in the Woods - hosts household pets of abuse victims and targets for free. This service is available for as long as pet owners feel threatened by violence. Residents currently working with Livorno's anti-violence team on paths away from harm are eligible for the program.

Public Safety+2

Livorno, TOS


St Petersburg, FL launched the Community Assistance and Life Liaison pilot program

The St Petersburg City Council launched the Community Assistance and Life Liaison (CALL) program pilot to improve emergency response services for mental illness, poverty, and addiction. Through the CALL program, emergency dispatchers send social workers to calls involving mental health crisis, suicide intervention, truancy, homeless complaints, and neighborhood disputes. The CALL program was designed to reduce police involvement in non-criminal and non-violent calls for emergency services.

Public Safety+4

St Petersburg, FL

United States

Billings, MT passed an ordinance to reduce human trafficking by regulating local massage businesses

The Billings City Council passed an ordinance to reduce human trafficking by regulating local massage businesses. The ordinance requires all massage business owners to pay $55 per year and submit background checks including fingerprints to obtain a specific business license. The ordinance prohibits practices commonly used by illicit massage businesses operating as sex trafficking hubs and gives city code enforcement inspectors the authority to ensure compliance.

Public Safety+5

Billings, MT

United States

Scottsdale, AZ protects residents from discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation

The Scottsdale City Council unanimously passed an ordinance protecting residents from discrimination based on gender identity or sexual orientation in employment, public places and housing. The ordinance applies to all city officials, employees, volunteers, contractors, vendors and consultants. City officials who violate the ordinance could be subject to multiple punishments including termination and anyone else found guilty will receive between $500 to $2,500 in fines per violation.

Public Safety+3

Scottsdale, AZ

United States

Wiesbaden, HE is analyzing wastewater samples as an early warning sign of COVID-19 infections

The City of Wiesbaden implemented a new wastewater monitoring system to reduce the spread of the coronavirus. The process involves examining weekly samples from the municipal sewage treatment plants to detect SARS-CoV-2 viruses and variants. These samples serve as an early warning system that detects an increase in coronavirus infections in the local population. These wastewater samples are not influenced by limited test availability and detect the virus in untested asymptomatic individuals.

Public Safety+3

Wiesbaden, HE


Greater London Authority, GB implements GPS tracking pilot for domestic abuse offenders

The authority will tag domestic abuse offenders upon their release from prison during the one-year pilot. This first-in-the-U.K. program deters offenders from entering exclusion zones or violating terms of release. Law enforcement officials also use GPS tracking as evidence when offenders are accused of criminal activities. Greater London Authority modeled the tracking pilot on a 2019 program that tagged offenders who served sentences for violent acts with knives.

Public Safety+2

Greater London Authority, GB

United Kingdom

East Suffolk District Council, GB "Yes 2 Test" campaign encourages twice weekly COVID testing

East Suffolk District Council launched the "Yes 2 Test" campaign to encourage local businesses to test their staff for COVID-19 twice a week. The Council is asking businesses to commit to whole-staff lateral flow testing at their workplaces or by having staff register for home testing kits. The Council's mobile community teams are supporting businesses by helping staff become familiar with setting up workplace testing and reporting test results.

Public Safety+4

East Suffolk District Council, GB

United Kingdom

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