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Data 101


Data Governance / Data Management, Data, Open Data, Big Data Analytics

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Guadalajara, JA submits safety index platform proposal for 2021 Global Mayors Challenge

The proposal advanced to the challenge's Champions Phase, a four-month development phase with Bloomberg Philanthropies. This platform will draw on demographic data, police reports, and community consultations for real-time evaluations. Residents consult a public-facing platform to find safety ratings and updates for their neighborhoods. Guadalajara will use safety indexing to allocate resources and model future trends across the city.


Guadalajara, JA


Welling City Council, NZ uses digital twin to engage residents and coordinate climate change policy

The City of Wellington has developed a "digital twin" that combines land, financial, community, and infrastructure data in a virtual map of the city. The Council will scale this digital twin and use it as a tool to engage residents in climate policy and coordinate community action to adapt to climate change. Wellington is one of 50 Champion Cities selected as a finalist in the 2021 Global Mayors Challenge which identifies the most ambitious ideas developed in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Wellington City Council, NZ

New Zealand

Cork County Council, IE visualizes local trends on Economic and Community Data Monitor

The new dashboard houses national data on Cork County across 15 categories. Themes like agriculture, living standards, and property market are presented in graphs and charts. Monitor users can further refine visualizations based on location, age group, and year. Cork County Council updates most of the themes on a quarterly basis. The Council Finances theme is updated weekly with traditional and pandemic-related welfare provision costs.


Cork County Council, IE


Stockholm, SE tracks air quality on every street with the Luft Stockholm app

Luft Stockholm - or Air Stockholm - presents daily pollen and air pollutant levels on every city street. The app can compare air quality on two or more streets to assist with active travel planning. Additional tools like a health diary and an archive of past ratings connect air quality to how Stockholm residents feel from day to day. City staffers worked with the Asthma and Allergy Association, Swedish Museum of Natural History, and Umeå University on the app's design.


Stockholm, SE


Dayton, OH launched a Police Transparency Portal to provide residents with public police data

The City of Dayton launched a Police Transparency Portal to provide residents with access to all public information related to police department data, policies, and resources. The portal includes five interactive dashboards displaying statistics on reported crimes, calls for service, arrests, use of force and officer-involved shootings. The portal also includes a Reform Tracker which monitors the progress of police reform efforts.


Dayton, OH

United States

Gotland, SE combines Big Belly bins with custom containers to counter waterfront littering

Gotland added six Big Belly bins on the Strandpromenaden in Visby. The solar-powered bins compact waste for increased capacity and automatically communicate with waste collection teams. Council staff created their own bins for pizza box disposal after finding Big Belly bins were too narrow. This mixture of high-tech and handmade bins may be extended to recyclables based on public participation.


Gotland, SE


Cairns, QLD installs smart catchment on Saltwater Creek to monitor impacts on Great Barrier Reef

The smart catchment system includes 30 sensors, cameras, and flow meters throughout the creek. Data from the catchment are sent to a public dashboard every 15 minutes. Dashboard users find measurements in seven areas including water temperature, salinity, and nitrate levels. This pilot engaged young residents in understanding water quality data with an educational game called Mobi's Catchment Challenge.


Cairns, QLD


Kingston upon Hull City Council, GB consolidates public information with new Data Observatory

Portal users filter datasets through eight themes such as environment and housing. A Quick Ward Profile tool packages this information by postal code. Hull Data Observatory includes a Segmentation Toolkit that explains the differing priorities of the city's 13 demographic segments. The Data Explorer is a searchable library of source data for the portal's various tools. The city's Insight Team conducts regular surveys and publishes results on the People's Panel section.


Kingston upon Hull City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Terrebonne, QC captures full view of municipal assets with mapping vehicle project

Mapping vehicles capture 360-degree images of roads and trails throughout Terrebonne. The two-month initial audit is supplemented by manual inspections by staff and a follow-up audit. Gathered images are added to the city's asset management platform for easier location of secluded areas. The mapping project creates geospatial data for resident-facing mobile apps and internal dashboards used for service improvement.


Terrebonne, QC


London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, GB measures traffic patterns with Vivacity Labs sensors

IoT sensors installed in the borough's town centers track traffic patterns around the clock. The Vivacity Labs platform differentiates cars, bikes, and pedestrians without storing identifying data. Borough officials draw on the platform's analytical tools to manage high-traffic areas after residents emerge from COVID-19 lockdowns. This initiative is part of the InnOvaTe Project for expanded IoT use led by five South London boroughs.


London Borough of Richmond upon Thames, GB

United Kingdom

Køge, DK develops AI-enabled platform for reduced hospitalizations among senior residents

The planned platform uses patient notes from municipal caregivers for early disease detection. Køge officials also receive recommendations for localized resource deployment. Senior care employees previously trained in early diagnosis and patient communications skills complemented by the platform. The Danish Digitization Agency provided funding for the project and will use Køge's platform as a model for other cities.


Køge, DK


Sunnyvale, CA keeps score of municipal progress on emission cuts with Climate Action Playbook

This online resource opens with a scoreboard of Sunnyvale's reductions compared to 1990 emissions along with 2030 and 2050 projections. An At-A-Glance chart shows the city's work on six strategic goals including clean energy promotion and decarbonized buildings. Clicking on each goal shows "plays" or initiatives with timelines, current statuses, and long-term benefits. The Climate Action Playbook includes graphs of emissions inventories and reduction pathways.


Sunnyvale, CA

United States

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