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Buenos Aires, AR tracks progress toward sustainability goals with Climate Action BA portal

The portal's Clean Energy section maps major solar roofing projects and supports the self-registration of smart roofs. A time-lapse visualization of new bike lanes, bus lanes, and pedestrian areas over the previous decade headlines the Sustainable Mobility section. Residents find out best practices for separating and disposing waste under the Comprehensive Waste Management tab. Climate Action BA also contains a greenhouse gas inventory for the city and a carbon footprint meter.


Buenos Aires, AR

AR flag


Leeds City Council, GB uses first-in-UK thermal imagery project for targeted housing upgrades

The MCS Charitable Foundation and Satellite Vu conducted a test of satellite imaging involving Leeds properties. Satellite Vu's network of mini-satellites gathers heat data from infrared cameras. Temperature data are turned into a rooftop heat index for Leeds, thus supporting accurate energy performance certificates for each property. This approach costs one-tenth of other imaging methods and advances the city's Priority Neighbourhoods initiative for home energy efficiency.


Leeds City Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Bathurst Regional, NSW collaborates with state government on Spatial Digital Twin development

The state's Spatial Services team gathered aerial footage for the first-in-region digital twin. The 3D representation of Bathurst covers four million square meters with a two-centimeter resolution. Nine map layers provide location-specific data on fuel prices, EV charging stations, property sales, and disabled parking. Bathurst Regional and NSW are evaluating community feedback as they develop additional functionalities for the twin.


Bathurst Regional, NSW

AU flag


San Diego, CA Hazard Dashboard supports effective responses to weather and environmental emergencies

The city's Emergency Services and IT teams connected the dashboard to 19 sources of environmental threat data. Hazard Dashboard users find multiple sources of weather data including severe weather outlooks, current radar, and precipitation forecasts. This online resource also houses a seven-day fire potential map, power outage maps, and a Waze-powered traffic map. Regional collaborations and citizen science projects benefit from real-time environmental data.


San Diego, CA

US flag

United States

Sunshine Coast, QLD deploys drones and artificial intelligence for invasive tree management

An alternative treatment trial seeks the removal of broad-leaf pepper trees from an area between Wurtulla and Point Cartwright. Drone flight footage of the area is fed into an AI platform trained by Queensland University of Technology researchers. Multispectral sensors identify unexploded ordnance dating to World War II military training in the trial zone. Sunshine Coast will evaluate if this mapping technique can be applied to other areas as part of its Invasive Weeds Project.


Sunshine Coast, QLD

AU flag


Broward County, FL monitors trends in local rainfall and flooding with Document the Floods dashboard

County officials crowdsource resident reports of heavy rain and high tides using ArcGIS Survey123. The survey gathers data on affected areas, property types, water depth, and previous flooding. Residents pin their reported locations to an interactive map and supply visual evidence when available. The dashboard tracks flood patterns with a timeline of floods dating back to 2016 and visualizations of floods by municipalities.


Broward County, FL

US flag

United States

Lockyer Valley, QLD Flood Information Portal provides precise risk assessments for local properties

Council and state officials designed the first-in-Australia portal in response to five major floods in 12 years. Portal users start by entering lot numbers or addresses into the search bar. Search results show overhead views of selected properties along with maximum depth, velocity, and hazard. The portal produces a free email report with data on up to four markers per lot. Each report includes color-coded flood event maps as well as a hazard vulnerability classification.


Lockyer Valley, QLD

AU flag


Christchurch City Council, NZ collaborates on the development of SeaSpotter citizen science app

The Smart Christchurch team sought a solution for insufficient data about endangered mammal populations. A partnership with the Department of Conservation, MAUI63, and others resulted in an AI-powered app for public use. SeaSpotter users can take pictures and relay information about mammal sightings using the app's chat function. Citizen scientists learn about local animals while supplying real-time data to university and agency researchers.


Christchurch City Council, NZ

NZ flag

New Zealand

Northern Beaches, NSW tracks progress on climate change mitigation with new dashboard

The Environment and Climate Change Dashboard monitors the council's 20-year campaign for a healthy environment. Dashboard users find visualizations in four strategic areas including Sustainable Built Environment and Council Operations. For example, the Sustainable Living page includes a suburb-by-suburb map of carbon emissions and a four-year graph of water use. Council officials built the platform with data from sources including Beachwatch, the Bureau of Meteorology, and Kinesis.


Northern Beaches, NSW

AU flag


Dallas County, TX highlights health disparities with Pediatric Asthma Surveillance System

The county's Health and Human Services team worked with Parkland Health on the interactive dashboard. Users learn about the Pediatric Asthma Vulnerability Index for every ZIP code and census area in Dallas County. Indicators within the index include particulate matter measurements, asthma controller prescriptions, and automobiles per household. The dashboard identifies demographic and geographic disparities helpful in shaping public health campaigns.


Dallas County, TX

US flag

United States

Scottsdale, AZ automates and improves water conservation efforts with WC-Tool app

The city's Water Conservation Office worked with Arizona State University and AWS on the app's development. This new tool analyzes satellite images, GIS maps, and other data for quick analysis of a lot's water needs. Conservation specialists can consult with residents about water budgeting by phone rather than conducting in-person inspections. The WC-Tool also standardizes consultations that previously required manual reviews of land use plans and water needs.


Scottsdale, AZ

US flag

United States

Toronto, ON Housing Data Hub monitors the city's progress toward affordable housing goals

The HousingTO 2020-2030 Action Plan calls for the approval of 40,000 new affordable apartments by 2030. The new hub features an Affordable Rental Housing Map with filters for approved, under construction, and completed units. A Housing Data page visualizes social housing waitlists and the rental housing pipeline over the past six years. The Subsidized Housing Listings section presents average wait times and a searchable map for applicants.


Toronto, ON

CA flag


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