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Saskatoon, SK turns publicly available data into home retrofit suggestions with its Home Energy Map

Saskatoon, SK Home Energy Map Data Retrofit Suggestions


Saskatoon worked with OPEN Technologies on an AI-powered map of all residential properties in the city. Map users can enter their addresses or filter lots by building types, neighborhoods, year built, and energy usage percentile. Each property profile includes a graph of how energy is used, overall energy usage, and projected usage after retrofits. The Retrofit Roadmap option offers retrofit ideas and cost estimates based on additional homeowner information.


Saskatoon, SK

City in Saskatchewan

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REISSUE: fixes broken links -- Residential Energy Map helps homeowners understand their home energy use and make cost-saving renovations |

The City of Saskatoon has released a new tool for homeowners to better understand their home’s energy use and make improvements.  The map uses artificial intelligence (AI) to produce a digital energy score that can be used to compare against other homes of similar size, age, and type and help users understand how much energy their home consumes.  The map also provides each homeowner with a customized “retrofit roadmap” to see what actions they can take to reduce their energy consumption. 


Saskatoon and OPEN Make a Move on Home Energy Efficiency – OPEN Technologies

Saskatoon Homeowners will soon have access to a powerful new software tool to help them understand their homes’ energy footprint, and potential for improvement. The City of Saskatoon has engaged OPEN Technologies to deliver an online tool to boost homeowner knowledge and motivation to embark o

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