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Boston, MA makes the zoning appeals process more transparent with the ZBA Tracker

The portal maps every appeal processed by the city's Zoning Board of Appeals (ZBA). Interested parties can search for appeals by address or filter based on zoning district, neighborhood, or appeal dates. ZBA Tracker uses seven status codes for appeals ranging from green for Appeal Submitted to yellow for ZBA Decision Finalized. This portal joins QR codes for new building permit signs in Boston's effort to reduce barriers to development data.


Boston, MA

United States

Brentwood Borough Council, GB launched a website outlining its planned developments for residents

Brentwood Borough Council partnered with Morgan Sindall Investments Limited to launch a website outlining its planned developments. The Brentwood Development Partnership's website gives residents an opportunity to review the schemes being considered, follow their progress throughout the process, and provide feedback on developments.


Brentwood Borough Council, GB

United Kingdom

Onkaparinga, SA improves public access to information with Transparency and Integrity Portal

The portal contains registers of allowances, gifts, and interests for elected officials. Users find recent expense reports filed by council employees on the portal. Onkaparinga maintains a list of released confidential items with document dates and descriptions. The complaint management section provides four ways to communicate concerns with the customer service team. Residents who may not be familiar with council, state, or national transparency laws find relevant documents on this website.


Onkaparinga, SA


Newmarket, ON updates the public on town goals with the Council Strategic Priorities Dashboard

This online portal monitors progress on the six strategic priorities identified in a 2018 community survey. Priorities like long-term financial sustainability and safe transport include two major initiatives updated on a twice-annual basis. Each priority page explains why these initiatives are tracked and what metrics are used to determine success. Dashboard users can review the town's four-year plan and additional initiatives for each priority.


Newmarket, ON


Boise, ID provides transparency about city spending and revenues with Boise OpenBook

Boise OpenBook divides city finances into five categories including internal transfers, budgeted spending, and staff levels. Each page presents data in multiple formats including raw numbers and historical trends. The city uploaded budget data back to 2015 for recent year-to-year comparisons. The Questica OpenBook platform includes a step-by-step tutorial to maximize usability.


Boise, ID

United States

Snowmass Village, CO clerk preps meeting agendas 16x faster

Rhonda Coxon has been the Town’s only clerk. She manages the meetings, minutes, and agendas of the town council and eight active boards. This included manually creating 22 sets of agendas twice a month for regular council meetings. With the use of govMeetings, they've saved 8,800+ sheets of paper, 450+ minutes per agenda, and $7,000 yearly.




Snowmass Village, CO

United States

Windsor, ON created an online map to showcase community investments and project progress

The City of Windsor created an online map to showcase the number and variety of its community investments. The user-friendly investment map provides the exact location and overall progress information for over 376 capital investments. The projects viewable on the investment map range from neighbourhood sidewalk improvements to city-wide master plans. Users can apply filters to focus on specific categories and zoom into individual neighbourhoods.


Windsor, ON


Midland, ON launched "CivicWeb Portal" a new online agenda management portal

The Town of Midland launched "CivicWeb Portal" a new online agenda management portal. The portal provides residents with a user-friendly interface to access Council meeting calendars, agendas, voting records, and minutes. Users can subscribe to meeting updates in order to receive automatic email notifications with links to newly published documents. Users can also search for Council documents by keyword to research specific topics, bylaws, and ordinances.


Midland, ON


Olathe, KS shares the statistics used in making public policy decisions on its Open Data Portal

The portal's web applications map topics ranging from historic properties to traffic counts. Researchers can access data sets on zoning, future land use, and public safety from a searchable library. The city's GIS team produced narratives for the fire and public works departments to show how open data can be used. Each narrative highlights recent departmental achievements using maps, visualizations, and brief descriptions.


Olathe, KS

United States

Montpelier, VT demonstrates progress toward strategic planning goals with Public Dashboard

The dashboard tracks overall and line-item progress for eight categories covered by Montpelier's strategic plan. An overview page shows progress levels for each category based on the percentage of completed projects. Plan categories like Community Prosperity and Sustainable Infrastructure feature their own pages with progress reports for individual projects. The Envisio-powered dashboard was customized based on feedback from local residents during its development.


Montpelier, VT

United States

Springfield, MA increases transparency of police department detention practices with Custody Protect

City officials will partner with 4Sight Labs to use Custody Protect sensors for arrests by local police. This first-in-the-United States trial affixes AI-enabled sensors during arrests that analyze vital signs during transit and initial imprisonment. Stakeholders including assigned officers and supervisors receive alerts when detainees experience sudden health changes. Springfield will evaluate how well the technology protects the rights and wellness of the arrested.


Springfield, MA

United States

Lansing, MI opens public safety data to public review with Police Transparency portal

Lansing residents find an easy-to-read display of police calls by category from the previous year. An open data catalogue presents information on officer-involved shootings, hate crimes, and citizen complaints. A visualization of the police department's current budget shows how public funds are spent on public safety. The Police Transparency portal houses detailed information on community policing and office training programs.


Lansing, MI

United States

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