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Groningen, GR is creating a digital 3D city model to improve future spatial projects

The municipality of Groningen's City Engineers, City Design, and Geo & Data departments are collaborating on the development of a digital 3D model of the city. The city is working with 3D specialists Future Insight and Avineon to create a state-of-the-art digital twin to ensure that spatial projects can be carried out faster, more cost effectively, and more transparently. The data will be stored in an open 3D CityGML database and the layers will be published into open 3D Tiles services.


Groningen, GR


Melbourne, VIC collaborates with Monash University on smart city engagement project

This partnership conducts early testing and feedback sessions with residents to inform smart technology deployment. Visitors to Argyle Square during 2021 Melbourne Knowledge Week scan QR codes for each technology on display. This code allows each user to evaluate the product's functionality and submit their thoughts on how it would fit in their daily lives. Melbourne officials will use research from Monash University to design similar campaigns across the city.


Melbourne, VIC


Portland, OR improves public access to permit approval data with two new dashboards

The Permit Metric Dashboard tracks trends in residential and commercial permit applications. Users find application data for the past month and can search back to January 2019. Average processing times are shown for all seven steps in the application process. The city's Review Metric Dashboard calculates the share of processing time attributable to approval teams and applicants. Colorful charts also measure review totals and re-reviews by each team based on daily updates.


Portland, OR

United States

Porto Alegre, RS created "Te alloy in the Work" portal to expand the transparency of public works

The City of Porto Alegre partnered with the Secretariat of Transparency and Control and the Porto Alegre Data Processing Company to create the "Te alloy in the Work" portal to expand the transparency of public works. The portal regularly publishes data including dates, deadlines, values, contractors, and status updates to keep residents informed of the investments and progress of construction services.


Porto Alegre, RS


Greater London Authority, GB translates police response data into Action Plan Dashboard

The Action Plan Dashboard gathers police department data along with Public Attitudes Survey responses and feedback from black community leaders. A visualization of London's boroughs shows the gaps in how much black and white residents trust the police. Stop & Search and Use of Force charts explain inequities in police action based on race. The Workforce section displays the racial and ethnic background of local police officers.


Greater London Authority, GB

United Kingdom

Manaus, AM shines light on fight against the pandemic with COVID-19 Transparency Portal

The portal's Monitoring section visualizes daily data on COVID-19 cases. This tool includes filters for municipal districts, treatment locations, and outcomes. Public health officials update the "Vaccinometer" daily with total vaccines administered and active vaccination locations. Interested parties use the portal to track the amounts, dates, and types of contracts approved for COVID-19 mitigation.


Manaus, AM


Bochum, NW partnered with Ruhr Regional Association to publish its open data

The City of Bochum partnered with the Ruhr Regional Association (RVR) to publish its open data alongside 19 other organizations via the RVR portal. The partnership allows the city to automatically retrieve and publish its data according to international standards. The RVR platform offers a simple solution for making public administrative data transparent without each of the 20 participating municipalities and organizations having to operate its own platform.


Bochum, NW


Fortaleza, CE highlights public finances and employee information on Transparency Portal

The portal details budgeted expenses and receipts by city department in an easy-to-read format. Interested parties find financial transfers between the city, state, and national government along with current contracts. Portal users locate salaries for every public employee using a search bar or a department list. Municipal officials created a portal section that details COVID-19 expenses, contracts, and supply donations.


Fortaleza, CE


Syracuse, NY improves information request process with FOIL Self-Serve Portal

City officials pursued this project to reduce the costs, paperwork, and turnaround times for Freedom of Information Law (FOIL) requests. The portal powered by Microsoft Power BI simplifies and maps searches for the most commonly sought information. Portal users find the address, violation types, and compliance date for each code violation in the city. Building permit searches show the status, type of work, and owner for every permit application.


Syracuse, NY

United States

São Paulo, SP adds transparency to environmental regulations with new GeoSampa map layers

The platform's Environmental Commitment Term layer tracks applications for tree removal and replacement since 2015. GeoSampa users learn which businesses are authorized for rule exemptions using the Industrial Environmental License layer. São Paulo describes pollutants, remedies, and intended uses for Contaminated and Rehabilitated lots with a dedicated layer. An initial rollout of 4,000 qualifying lots provides vital information to the public and guides city planning activities.


São Paulo, SP


Gilbert, AZ regularly conducts Polco's National Community Survey to gather community feedback

The Town of Gilbert regularly conducts Polco's National Community Survey (NCS) to gather feedback from community members as part of a commitment to transparency and long-term planning. The town uses the NCS results to inform the development of new programs, funding priorities, and organizational goals. According to recent NCS results, which Gilbert displays on its open data portal, approximately 98% of residents rate the town as an excellent or good place to live.




Gilbert, AZ

United States

Messina, SIC allows City Councilors to participate remotely via new cloud-based recording system

The Municipality of Messina deployed a new cloud-based system for its Council Chamber which automatically films sessions, streaming, electronic voting, document management, etc. The advanced system allows City Councilors to participate remotely in quorum competitions and electronic voting during the COVID-19 pandemic. Residents can access the archive of Council sessions and watch live sessions via the municipality's web portal.


Messina, SIC


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