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London Borough of Barnet, GB Community Tree Portal inventories vital resources in net-zero efforts

London Borough of Barnet, GB Community Tree Portal Net-Zero


Borough officials hope to plant 5,000 new trees by 2028 on the path to net-zero operations by 2030. The Community Tree Portal presents an overview of the current tree inventory and its ecological benefits. An interactive Tree Map includes layers for existing trees, planned plantings, and optimal planting locations. Portal users can select individual tree icons for details including photos, recent inspection dates, and Tree Asset Values.


London Borough of Barnet, GB

London borough in England

GB flag

United Kingdom


Trees Dashboard

The Protected Tree Portal offers a user-friendly way of accessing a range of information about protected trees in the area

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London Borough of Barnet, GB introduces BarNET ZERO campaign for a net-zero borough by 2042

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