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Greater Shepparton, VIC takes advantage of municipal solar network with fleet electric vehicles

Greater Shepparton, VIC Fleet Electric Vehicles Solar


The council added two Nissan LEAF EVs to an increasingly low-emission fleet. Greater Shepparton swapped 60 gas-powered vehicles for hybrids from 2015 to 2019. Fleet drivers use solar-powered chargers to make each vehicle truly emission-free. Greater Shepparton connected charging stations to the 99-kilowatt Doyles Road Complex rooftop solar system and the 90-kilowatt Welsford Street system.

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Greater Shepparton, VIC

City in Victoria



Energy - Greater Shepparton City Council

The use of fossil fuels for energy emits significant amounts of greenhouse gases which contribute to Climate Change. Energy use also results in direct financial costs to Council.



Council includes hybrid passenger cars in fleet - Greater Shepparton City Council

Greater Shepparton City Council has recently adopted new fleet guidelines, with a focus on purchasing green vehicles.


Greater Shepparton charging toward future of electric cars

It may not just be on the Hume Fwy where a surge of electric car charging points are being generated.

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