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Helsinki, FI partnered with Loopshore Oy to detect potential shopping center incidents with 5G data

Helsinki, FI 5G potential incident data detection


The City of Helsinki partnered with Loopshore Oy to pilot a 5G solution that helps shopping centers react quickly during a crisis. The pilot used 5G devices to measure environmental metrics such as sound pressure, carbon monoxide, and vibration. This real-time data is analyzed to inform public safety personnel of potential incidents. The pilot was conducted as part of the UrbanSense project in collaboration with Forum Virium and the University of Helsinki to develop a 5G service network.

Public SafetyPublic Private Partnership (PPP)5GPilot / POC

Helsinki, FI

Municipality in Finland



Loopshore - High air quality can grow the value of your property.

Loop One includes an intelligent indoor air quality sensor that provides comprehensive and reliable information of any measured space in real time. Loop One sensor is based on our patented technology and can measure nine vital measurements cost-effectively.



Helsingissä pilotoidaan 5G-ratkaisuja katujen kuntotietoon, ostoskeskusten riskitilanteisiin ja liikennetunnistamiseen | Helsingin kaupunki

5G-verkko tarjoaa yrityksille uusia liiketoimintamahdollisuuksia toimialasta riippumatta. Helsingissä on nyt käynnissä kolme kokeilupilottia 5G:n hyödyntämiseen.

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