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Jackson, MS addresses concerns about water access issues with digital twin built in InfoWater Pro

Jackson, MS InfoWater Pro Digital Twin Water Access Issues


An August 2022 flood exposed issues with Jackson's water treatment and distribution systems. Satellite images, equipment data, and water sensor logs were inputted into InfoWater Pro. The resulting digital twin acts as a baseline for system performance across 17 water pumps and 800 miles of pipe. City officials develop more effective responses to water contamination, burst pipes, and flooding based on simulations in this virtual environment.


Jackson, MS

Municipality in Mississippi

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United States



City of Jackson Turns to Digital Twins to Fix Its Water Problems

Digital twins have emerged as a valuable way to simulate and model extraordinarily complex systems. Here’s how a city in Mississippi applied this technology to improve its water quality.


Autodesk Innovyze on LinkedIn: #water #software #digital #engineers #waterprofessionals #digitaltwin

The water problems of Jackson, Mississippi have been highly criticized and publicized, but things are turning around now that the process is being managed by…

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