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Jefferson County, CO opened the first self-service "Ghost Library" in the country

Jefferson County, CO self-service "Ghost Library"

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The Jefferson County Public Library has transformed into the country's first self-service "Ghost Library" which does not require any staff. Residents can access the express library by registering online with a library card and a pin number. The installation of the express library cost the county approximately $141,000 which included an automated checkout kiosk, a five-year lease for the space, and a self-access door code system.


Jefferson County, CO

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Jefferson County, Colo., Opens First 'Ghost Library'

The Jefferson County Public Library has unveiled what it believes to be a national first: a "ghost library." Residents can access the library if they obtain a library card and pin number.


Jefferson County serves as haunt for country's first full-time unstaffed "ghost library"

Rachel Massman scanned her library card in the reader, punched in a four-digit code and opened the door of the Express Library West Arvada -- entering into a first-of-its-kind standalone "ghost library," where there is no staff on hand and cameras watch your every move.

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