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Salem, MA partnered with SiFi Networks to create a citywide fiber optic network

Salem, MA citywide fiber optic network

In Progress

The City of Salem has partnered with SiFi Networks to create the infrastructure for a citywide fiber optic network. The Salem City Council signed a 30-year contract with SiFi Networks which allows them to charge service providers for using the network. In exchange, SiFi Networks is covering the estimated $35 million in setup costs. The arrangement will provide much needed competition with Comcast as it is currently the only reliable high-speed Internet option available in the city.

InfrastructureNetworking: Broadband and ConnectivityPublic Private Partnership (PPP)Fiber / Fiber Expansion

Salem, MA

Municipality in Massachusetts

United States


Salem, MA - SiFi Networks SiFi Networks

Fiber Internet coming to Salem



Salem, Mass., to See Citywide Fiber-Optic Network Buildout

Construction of a new citywide fiber-optic network is set to begin in the coming months through a no-cost contract between the city and New Jersey-based SiFi Networks. The work is expected to cost the company $35 million.


Salem City Wide Fiber Optic Broadband Deal Worth $35 Million - SiFi Networks SiFi Networks

Salem, MA, set to follow in Fullerton’s footsteps, becoming a SiFi FiberCity® To allow its citizens to reap the benefits of a 100% fiber optic

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