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Shoalhaven, NSW shapes FORTIS House project for fire-resilient homes with community feedback

Shoalhaven, NSW FORTIS House Project Fire-Resilient Homes

In Progress

Shoalhaven residents are invited to a community design workshop hosted by the Bushfire Building Council of Australia. This workshop turns local experiences with bushfires into design concepts for rebuilt homes. A FORTIS House survey asks respondents to provide their home design preferences and goals. Free blueprints and guides resulting from this feedback allow for customizable home construction achieving the highest Bushfire Attack Level rating.

DesignCitizen EngagementDisaster Recovery / Continuity of OperationsResiliencyBuilding

Shoalhaven, NSW

City in New South Wales



FORTIS HOUSE – Helping bushfire-affected residents save time and money by providing a highly resilient, sustainable, affordable and adaptable building design, for free.



Shoalhaven Community to Lead Bushfire-resilient FORTIS House Design - Shoalhaven City Council

The Shoalhaven community are invited to provide input in the development of a bushfire-resilient house design as part of a community led project being run by Bushfire Building Council of Australia (BBCA), NRMA Insurance and Shoalhaven City Council.

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