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St. Louis County, MO Tap In Center guides residents through the criminal justice system

St. Louis County, MO Tap In Center Criminal Justice System


Residents with warrants and court orders speak with an attorney during weekly sessions at a county library branch. Free consultations provide information on legal processes, case progress, and applying for public defenders. The Tap In Center connects participants to court date alerts, transportation, and social services through the Bail Project. This service reduces pre-trial detention and obstacles to fair trials for residents with minimal financial resources.


St. Louis County, MO

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Tap In Center | St. Louis County Library

NACo Achievement Awards: The Tap In Center

The Tap In Center is a unique collaborative project to provide free legal assistance and connect justice-involved individuals with local support services. The Tap In Center offers an approachable environment for clients with warrants and other legal issues to quickly get back in good standing with the courts without fear of arrest or paying a fine. Justice-involved individuals

Project Succeeded

The Tap In Center served 780 people during the project's first two years with 593 bench warrants recalled during that period.


NACo Achievement Awards - Criminal Justice and Public Safety

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