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West Allis, WI Mobile Integrated Health Program improves community response to opioid crisis

West Allis, WI Mobile Integrated Health Program Opioid


The West Allis Fire Department's MIH team uses ImageTrend software to identify local trends in substance use disorders. Dedicated paramedics respond to provider referrals related to substance use disorders within 24 hours of notification. These responses include conversations with patients' families, harm-reduction kit deliveries, and transportation to non-ER healthcare providers. MIH also works with Milwaukee County on incident responses in neighboring communities.


West Allis, WI

Municipality in Wisconsin

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Wisconsin Policy Forum | 2023 Salute to Local Government Award Winners

The 31st Annual Salute will again celebrate the benefits that public sector ingenuity and excellence bring to taxpayers and communities throughout Wisconsin. Award categories recognize local governments and school districts for innovative problem-solving, advancing racial equity, and public-private cooperation, as


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The MIH program visited 357 referrals and enrolled 164 patients in treatment programs through 2022.

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