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Road & Traffic Management


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Albuquerque, NM considers a traffic camera system which only targets vehicles at dangerous speeds

The City of Albuquerque is considering installing a new automated traffic camera system created by Redflex Traffic Systems. The mobile traffic camera system would only target vehicles moving at dangerous speeds. Violators would receive civil citations which would be handled administratively like parking tickets. Violators would have access to an appeal process and anyone who cannot afford fines would be offered alternatives such as community service.

Road & Traffic Management+4

Albuquerque, NM

United States

Hillsboro, OR models social distancing and active travel with Traffic Playground Pilot Projects

City officials selected Bicentennial Park and Evergreen Park for the summer pilot. Multi-use paths in Bicentennial Park now feature lane markers, a roundabout, and controlled intersections similar to a road. A modified version of the traffic playground was placed on a basketball court at Evergreen Park. Hillsboro selected these parks because they are centrally located, flat, and offered enough space to accommodate a variety of users.

Road & Traffic Management+3

Hillsboro, OR

United States

Essex County Council, GB is partnering with Telensa to upgrade smart controls on 82,000 streetlights

Essex County Council is partnering with Telensa to replace and upgrade the smart controls on 82,000 residential streetlights. This newest generation of Telensa's streetlight product supports advanced smart lighting features such as adaptive dimming based on traffic flows, automatic location of assets, open software interfaces for seamless integration with other smart city systems. The Council expects to save an average of 60% in terms of energy usage and thousands of tons of carbon emissions.

Road & Traffic Management+4

Essex County Council, GB

United Kingdom

Miami, FL is adding three miles of concrete protected micro-mobility lanes using e-scooters fees

The City of Miami is adding three miles of protected bike and scooter lanes along busy downtown corridors. The city will install concrete barriers along the new lanes and add pedestrian ramps to adjacent sidewalks. The city will also be upgrading every pedestrian crossing in the affected area in order to maximize visibility. The upgrades will cost approximately $2 million with half being covered by the city's micro-mobility fund and the other half paid for with road impact fees.

Road & Traffic Management+4

Miami, FL

United States

Palm Beach County, FL is transitioning to cashless electronic payments on the Florida Turnpike

Palm Beach County's section of the Florida Turnpike is transitioning to an electronic payment system by early 2022. This cashless model will improve the efficiency of the turnpike by eliminating any possible wait times. Over the next four years, the county will be removing toll plazas and replacing them with gantries. The gantries will charge drivers for each section of the turnpike their vehicle passes through and a collection service will send the associated household a bill.

Road & Traffic Management+1

Palm Beach County, FL

United States

Peachtree Corners, GA deploys Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything traffic management technology

The City of Peachtree Corners is partnering with Qualcomm and infrastructure firm Jacobs to deploy Cellular Vehicle-to-Everything (C-V2X) traffic management technology. The C-V2X technology will be implemented on roadside units, intersections, and two of the city's vehicles. The C-V2X technology will improve transportation efficiency and road safety through the real-time adjustments of traffic signals.

Road & Traffic Management+4

Peachtree Corners, GA

United States

Feira de Santana, BA expands reach of public safety personnel with Operational Control Center

Police, traffic control, and transportation teams access a network of live streams through the center. Three hundred cameras extending from the city center to rural roads capture real-time intelligence on street activity. Feira de Santana invested in cameras with facial and license plate recognition capabilities that assist with gathering evidence. Operational Control Center staffers can zoom any camera and stitch together videos when investigating illegal behavior.

Road & Traffic Management+4

Feira de Santana, BA


Kalamazoo, MI launched the Downtown Kalamazoo Ambassador Program with five full-time helpers

The City of Kalamazoo launched the Downtown Kalamazoo Ambassador Program to make the area cleaner, safer, and more welcoming to residents and visitors. The program hired five residents to work full-time on various tasks such as sanitizing the sidewalks, developing relationships with local businesses, assisting residents with safety concerns, and providing visitors with directions. The program is operating as a three-year pilot funded by seven local organizations to raise downtown standards.

Road & Traffic Management+4

Kalamazoo, MI

United States

Moreland, VIC trials a shared traffic zone for reduced speeds and congestion near Fleming Park

Moreland initiated the two-year pilot to accommodate increased traffic following the COVID-19 lockdown. The shared zone on Albert Street and Victoria Street allows all traffic but prioritizes pedestrians over bikes and cars. Temporary speed bumps and barriers that slow vehicle speeds can be moved based on ongoing feedback. Street furniture made from recycled wood and colorful road surface designs by a local artist create a welcoming environment for residents.

Road & Traffic Management+2

Moreland, VIC


João Pessoa, PB equips motorists with real-time traffic information through Monitora Jampa app

The mobile app provides live streams from 70 traffic cameras stationed throughout the city. A network map highlights publicly accessible cameras in green and cameras in use by inspectors in yellow. Commuters consult the app to adjust their routes around roadwork, accidents, and disabled vehicles. João Pessoa's urban mobility team created Monitora Jampa to complement digital resources like a towed vehicle database and ticket appeals tracker.

Road & Traffic Management+3

João Pessoa, PB


Schiedam, ZH tests environmental and financial benefits of traffic signs made from bamboo

Council members approved a one-year pilot of bamboo signs at select intersections on Bosboomlaan. Schiedam will evaluate sign durability and maintenance needs during the pilot. The bamboo plates used in this trial are estimated to last almost twice as long as conventional signs. Replacing metal with bamboo creates passive carbon dioxide collectors that improve air quality. End-of-life plate recycling produces chipboard and biomass for sustainable energy.

Road & Traffic Management+3

Schiedam, ZH


Hornsby, NSW collaborates with GoGet on car share pilot following passage of new policy

The council approved a Car Share Policy in 2020 that established parameters for operators like GoGet. A pilot lasting at least one year and up to 18 months places shared cars and vans at 11 locations. GoGet and Hornsby are evaluating on-street as well as off-street locations to determine impacts on parking availability. This initial pilot tests policy directives to decrease second-vehicle ownership and tailpipe emissions while increasing active travel.

Road & Traffic Management+2

Hornsby, NSW


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