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Hamilton, ON approves an on-demand transit pilot to fill transportation gaps in Waterdown area

City-owned HSR will introduce a smartphone app for Waterdown residents to request bus service. Transit riders select existing bus stops as pick-up and drop-off spots in the app. HSR plans on using buses rather than vans or shuttles to avoid unnecessary expenses. Waterdown was selected for the pilot due to a lack of public transit options in the community. A successful pilot could lead city officials to develop similar programs for outlying areas in need of flexible transport services.


Hamilton, ON


Epping Forest District Council, GB expands transit reach with Demand Responsive Transport pilot

Transit riders request rides aboard a seven-seat shuttle for peak morning and evening periods. An online form gathers trip information to combine common destinations in the same shuttle. Demand Responsive Transport focuses on council buildings, hospitals, and train stops that may not be served as well by fixed-route buses. The council is working with nonprofit Epping Forest Community Transport to conduct the three-month pilot and evaluate potential expansion.


Epping Forest District Council, GB

United Kingdom

Sheffield City Council, GB is letting taxi drivers borrow electric vehicles on a trial basis

Sheffield City Council is introducing a scheme to let local taxi drivers borrow an electric taxi on a trial basis. The fleet of 11 electric taxis will be available for short term trials lasting two to four weeks. The scheme will give drivers hands-on experience with electric taxis without the overhead costs. The Council designed this scheme to encourage taxi drivers to upgrade their vehicles.


Sheffield City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Waimate District Council, NZ built a secure community vehicle garage to manage its fleet

Waimate District Council built a community vehicle garage to house the Waimate Community Vehicle Trust's fleet. The Council designed the five-bay garage to securely store the entire fleet in one central location. The building cost approximately $140,000 and the Council charges the Waimate Community Vehicle Trust for the rent and electricity. The fleet will continue to help members of the community without transport travel to local areas.


Waimate District Council, NZ

New Zealand

Allegheny County, PA recruits public transit users for contactless mobile payment pilot

The Port Authority of Allegheny County will test the Justride mobile app with the help of 400 transit riders. Each participant will acquire single fares, weekly passes, or monthly passes through Justride. The app produces a digital barcode used for payment aboard county buses. Transit officials will evaluate data from the three-month pilot before expanding use to light rail cars. App-based fare payments reduce the need for printed cards and expedite boarding processes.


Allegheny County, PA

United States

Birmingham City Council, GB launched a Clean Air Hydrogen Bus pilot with 20 new double deckers

Birmingham City Council launched the Clean Air Hydrogen Bus pilot by purchasing 20 new hydrogen double decker buses for deployment in Spring 2021. The buses manufactured by Wrightbus are the world's first zero-emission hydrogen fuel-cell double deckers. The hydrogen buses consume four times less fuel compared to standard diesel buses and are expected to save up to 79.3 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.


Birmingham City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Birmingham City Council, GB partnered with Voi to launch a one-year trial of e-scooters

Birmingham City Council partnered with Voi to launch an e-scooter trial in the region for one year. The e-scooters will be accessible to the public in the city centre and they will be allowed on any road with a speed limit of 30 mph or less. The e-scooters will not be permitted to go over 15.5 mph on roads or over 5 mph in pedestrian areas. The Council designed the trial to encourage e-scooter travel as a healthier environmentally-friendly alternative to car travel on short journeys.


Birmingham City Council, GB

United Kingdom

Birmingham City Council, GB partnered with ESB EV Solutions to deploy a network of charging points

Birmingham City Council partnered with ESB EV Solutions to deploy a network of 100% renewable energy electric vehicle charging points across the city. Over the next two years, the city will install 394 rapid charging points in the city centre to support an electric taxi fleet. This network of charging points will also be accessible to the general public and local businesses providing a significant charge in less than 30 minutes.


Birmingham City Council, GB

United Kingdom

London Borough of Ealing, GB installed electric vehicle charging points into existing street lights

London Borough of Ealing has installed SimpleSockets, environmentally-friendly charging points, into more than 60 existing street lights for residents. The charging points are powered by 100% green electricity and provide drivers with a quick and easy opportunity to power their electric cars. The Council installed these charging points to encourage residents to switch to electric vehicles without taking up any extra space on the road.


London Borough of Ealing, GB

United Kingdom

North Bay, ON adds flexibility to public transit with dynamic dispatching pilot

North Bay and Via introduced the myRide NBT Dynamic Dispatching app for the one-year pilot. Transit riders request pickup and drop-off locations and track their buses on the app. Via's software bundles multiple trip requests for each bus for more efficient use of transit vehicles than fixed routes. City officials selected evening hours six days a week and daytime hours on Sunday to test the system during low ridership periods.


North Bay, ON


Gold Coast, QLD promotes active travel in suburbs with Lime bike-share pilot

Lime deployed 750 e-bikes in the Gold Coast suburbs of Burleigh Heads, Robina, and Runaway Bay prior to the Christmas holiday. Residents access bikes for $0.45 AUD per minute or $16.99 AUD per day through the company's app. Gold Coast works with Lime to monitor how the dockless bikes interact with traffic and complement transit options. Council leaders approved the pilot to build on a previous e-bike deployment that attracted 100,000 riders.


Gold Coast, QLD


Colwood, BC is using Bluetooth technology to monitor traffic flow and inform transportation planning

The City of Colwood is using Bluetooth technology to monitor traffic flow and inform transportation planning. The monitoring system tags anonymous Bluetooth signals from cell phones and in-car systems to provide real-time data including travel routes, travel times, and average vehicle speed. The city spent approximately $100,000 installing and operating eight detective devices in strategic traffic locations in order to provide convenient and reliable traffic information to the public.


Colwood, BC


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