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Melton, VIC visualizes transport planning initiatives with its Moving Melton Transport Prospectus

Local officials sought an interactive method for promoting transport improvements in Australia's fastest-growing municipality. The Moving Melton website turns traffic congestion data into a map of projects in four categories: Public Transport, Roads, Active Transport, and Level Crossing Removals. Visualizations of where and how the community travels provide the necessary background to readers. Moving Melton also highlights job growth, benefit-cost ratios, and other impacts of planned projects.


Melton, VIC

AU flag


Sheffield City Council, GB works with VivaCity on AI-powered monitoring of its Clean Air Zone

City officials introduced a CAZ for high-emission commercial vehicles in February 2023. A three-year monitoring agreement with VivaCity gathers data from 17 sensors. The AI-enabled sensors track traffic patterns on the A61 for analysis of peak and off-peak periods. Traffic data combined with emissions data from existing air quality sensors evaluate the impacts of the CAZ on community health.


Sheffield City Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Philadelphia, PA supports increased transit use by city employees with free SEPTA pass pilot

The two-year pilot is possible because of Philadelphia's participation in the SEPTA Key Advantage program. The city's 22,000 employees enrolled in the pilot through the Jawnt platform or 13 in-person distribution events. Philadelphia purchases SEPTA passes at a significant discount over their retail prices through Key Advantage. This program adds a valuable component to Philadelphia's employee benefits package and reduces traffic congestion from daily commutes.


Philadelphia, PA

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United States

Leeds City Council, GB builds the first solar-powered Park and Ride lot in the United Kingdom

The Stourton Park and Ride houses a SolarEdge system with a maximum output of 1.2 megawatts. Energy stored in a 950kWh battery is used for electric vehicle charging, lot lighting, and climate control in the passenger waiting area. Half of the lot's parking spaces are covered by solar canopies. Local officials estimate that 12% of captured energy will be sent back to the local grid. This project will produce 852,000 kWh of electricity and save 471,000 kilograms of carbon emissions per year.


Leeds City Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

San Francisco, CA connects commuters to Treasure Island locations with its autonomous shuttle pilot

The nine-month Loop pilot operates two Beep self-driving shuttles on a route through central Treasure Island. Commuters ride for free and the seven-stop route starts and stops at Ship Shape Community Center. The Loop runs seven days a week from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm with stops serviced every 20 minutes. Local officials are evaluating if autonomous shuttles complement the existing Muni 25 bus line, function well in daily traffic, and serve commuter needs.


San Francisco, CA

US flag

United States

Seattle, WA Heavy Duty Truck Electrification Incentive Pilot reduces emissions from freight

Nine percent of Seattle's carbon emissions are generated by trucks driving to and from the port. This program provides instant rebates of up to 40% during all-electric freight truck purchases by selected operators. A $1.7 million incentive fund covers costs up to $180,000 per truck, reducing the financial burden of decarbonization on drivers and operators. Increased electric truck use supports the city's goal of 30% zero-emission deliveries by 2030.


Seattle, WA

US flag

United States

Calgary, AB supports its push for increased bike use with Ride Ready Stations at transit stops

City transit officials plan bike racks for the fronts of 1,200 bikes and community shuttles. Ride Ready Stations at the Heritage and Saddletowne bus stops teach commuters how to load bikes on these racks. Each station is a small structure painted to look like a bus front with a rack for practice loading and locking. Ride Ready Stations will rotate to other transit stops to make as many people as possible familiar with the racks.


Calgary, AB

CA flag


Cachoeirinha, RS and Transbus use Liftango platform for new on-demand transit service

Residents use the TeuBus mobile app to request rides anywhere in the Transbus operating area. Transbus will use TeuBus for driver scheduling, fleet management, and customer support. TeuBus charges the same fare as the fixed-route system but reaches areas with limited transit service. An initial fleet of seven minibusses may expand to 16 if high commuter demand exists. Municipal and transit officials conducted a one-month pilot prior to a July 2023 release.


Cachoeirinha, RS

BR flag


Aberdeenshire Council, GB seeks commuting alternatives with Targeted Travel Behaviour Change Project

Aberdeenshire sought six volunteers for a year-long pilot of alternatives to car journeys. The council covered the costs of selected alternatives including e-bike loans and transit passes. Every household opted into e-bike use for most local commutes. Participants completed regular diary entries about the pros and cons of their travel experiences. Council officials will use travel diaries and other pilot data as they develop eco-friendly transit options.


Aberdeenshire Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Gent (Gand) [Ghent], VOV informs visually impaired commuers about transit disruptions with new app

Municipal officials and project partner District09 developed the app using De Lijn transit data. Commuters enter their phone numbers and receive real-time texts when their routes are detoured or disrupted. A planned update in autumn 2023 will support user reports of sidewalk obstructions. The mobile app is part of the city's Open Services project, which designs digital services accessible by other cities and third-party developers.


Gent (Gand) [Ghent], VOV

BE flag


Wilmington, DE collaborates with infra ai on transportation asset mapping pilot

Contractors record traffic lights, railroad stops, and other assets using 360-degree cameras. Images are tagged and mapped by an AI-enabled platform. Public Works employees can view this map and tag other departments for feedback from their mobile devices or computers. Mapping takes place up to 12 times per year for a current view of Wilmington's transit assets. This pilot will evaluate the technology's impacts on maintenance, planning decisions, and public engagement.


Wilmington, DE

US flag

United States

Vélez-Málaga, AN introduces digital wallets through collaboration with Fobi and Wallet-Com

The partnership loaded 17,000 digital wallets with free transit passes available through September 2023. Digital wallets were assigned to low-emission zone residents, seniors, and residents aged 16 to 30. Fobi's Passcreator technology enables paperless ticketing and tracks the 30 free transit passes assigned to each wallet. Vélez-Málaga will expand digital wallet functionality into digital ID cards, cultural venue passes, and gift cards from October 2023.


Vélez-Málaga, AN

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