Iowa City, IA created the "Iowa City Matters" monthly podcast to enhance transparency with residents

Iowa City, IA "Iowa City Matters" monthly podcast

Iowa City created the "Iowa City Matters" podcast to provide residents with a new and intuitive method of learning about their community and engaging with current events. The podcast covers a variety of topics such as historic preservation, police-intervention tactics, climate change, etc. It serves as an alternative to local news networks and helps clarify misconceptions about prevalent topics in the city. The podcast also hosts relevant guest experts for each special issue.

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London Borough of Haringey, GB developed the Haringey Procurement and Contract System portal

London Borough of Haringey developed the Haringey Procurement and Contract System (HPCS) portal to advertise procurement opportunities not covered by the Council's Dynamic Purchasing Systems. Any suppliers active within the past 18 months were automatically registered while inactive or new suppliers must complete the accreditation process. Users receive customized alerts for council contract opportunities based on their selected Goods, Works or Services categories.

London Borough of Haringey, GB Dynamic Purchasing System e-procurement tool for local businesses

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