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Sacramento, CA ARPA Community Impact Hub increases transparency about federal recovery spending

Sacramento, CA ARPA Community Impact Hub Transparency Spend


City officials introduced the Hub to track projects paid for by $112 million in federal ARPA funds. The online portal explains five priority areas for funding including commercial corridor revitalization and the creative economy. Hub users learn about budgeted and spent funds for each priority area through easy-to-read visualizations. Additional features of the ARPA Community Impact Hub include project-by-project budgets and stories about the city's recovery from the pandemic.


Sacramento, CA

Municipality in California

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American Rescue Plan Community Impact Hub

The City of Sacramento’s $112 million investment represents a historic opportunity to invest boldly in our communities and neighborhoods.



Smart Cities World - Economy and finance - Sacramento launches American Rescue Plan Act impact hub

Sacramento has launched the American Rescue Plan Community Impact Hub and dashboard that shows investments, project outcomes and accomplishments.


City launches dashboard to highlight American Rescue Plan community investments - City Express

The City of Sacramento has launched a new online “American Rescue Plan (ARP) Community Impact Hub,” which provides information on the City’s ARP investments, project outcomes and accomplishments.   The hub includes a dashboard that shows the City’s ARP expenditures, status of projects and a list of organizations that have received grant awards.   “We […]

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