Westwood, NJ partnered with Hip to provide residents an app-based bus service for easier transport

Westwood, NJ app-based bus transportation Hip partnership

The City of Westwood partnered with Hip, an app-based bus service, to provide improved transportation for commuters. Hip aims to give commuters a more reliable, convenient, and comfortable way to travel to and from work. Riders using this platform in Westwood will enjoy wireless internet, USB ports, and plenty of outlets to charge their electronics while on the go.

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Ride Hip
Hip is an app-based commuting solution that takes the daily commute from stressful to stress-free.
Hip is the most reliable, convenient and comfortable way to commute from the suburbs to the city and back
Westwood Area Will Have New Option For Getting Into Manhattan | Westwood, NJ Patch11
Westwood Commuters Getting New Commute Option - Westwood-Hillsdale, NJ - Hip, an app-based bus service, is poised to launch service in Hillsdale, Westwood, Oradell and Emerson.
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