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Aurora, IL is building a new comprehensive cybersecurity plan with Data Defenders LLC

Aurora, IL comprehensive cybersecurity plan


The City of Aurora is building a new cybersecurity plan that could become a model for municipalities across the country. The Aurora City Council is doubling its contract with Data Defenders LLC, a Chicago-based computer security firm, to $3.2 million in order to implement continuous surveillance of the city's Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition infrastructure. The comprehensive plan would guarantee the city spends less time and money fixing its systems in the event of a cyberattack.

Cyber SecurityPlanningPublic Private Partnership (PPP)Surveillance

Aurora, IL

Municipality in Illinois

United States



Aurora, Ill., Works to Bolster Its Cybersecurity Planning

As Aurora, Ill., looks to build a new cybersecurity plan, officials in the city outside of Chicago are saying they think what they do there could become a model for municipalities across the country.


Aurora considers increased cybersecurity to protect water, other systems - Chicago Tribune

Aurora aldermen are set to vote to double their cybersecurity contract to protect the drinking water treatment system.

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