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City of York Council, GB coordinates with local businesses on low emission delivery study

City of York Council, GB Low Emission Delivery Study


A feasibility study will determine how York can reduce delivery vehicle emissions in the city center. City officials plan consultations with local businesses already using e-cargo bikes and plug-in vans for deliveries. The resulting pilot centers on a package consolidation center accessed by low-emission vehicles for final mile deliveries. Various methods of eco-friendly deliveries will lead to a working system that advances the city's work toward carbon neutrality by 2030.

Road & Traffic ManagementBusiness EngagementElectric VehiclePilot / POC

City of York Council, GB

Unitary authority in England

United Kingdom


Low Emission Vehicle Proposal




Low emission vehicle interchange for delivery vehicles could be piloted in York – City of York Council

A new pilot project could be introduced in York’s city centre to use low emission modes of transport to help improve air quality and congestion caused by delivery vehicles.

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