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Herrenberg, BW introduces the stadtnavi mobile app for sustainable multimodal commutes

Herrenberg, BW stadtnavi Mobile App Multimodal Commutes


Herrenberg used funding from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for a pilot version of the app. Commuters enter departure and arrival addresses into stadtnavi for available transit options. The mobile app recommends trains, buses, bikeshares, and other modes based on user needs. Additional features include a parking vacancy map and taxi statuses at the train station. Future plans for stadtnavi include real-time mapping of traffic congestion.


Herrenberg, BW

City in Baden-Württemberg

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Wir machen Mobilitätswende

stadtnavi - Das Modellprojekt für vernetzte Mobilität in Herrenberg

Das Projekt für saubere Luft hat die Entwicklung einer mobilen Webplattform ermöglicht, die das Potential hat, schnell, umweltfreundlich und völlig anonym von A nach B zu navigieren.

Project Succeeded

Herrenberg was a finalist for a 2022 Wir machen Mobilitätswende award from the Ministry of Transport for Baden-Württemberg.

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Herrenberg, BW uses digital twin to inform long-term planning with accurate data and public feedback

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