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Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, GB prepares for its energy future with Hydrogen Training Academy

Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, GB Hydrogen Training


The first-in-the-UK program partners with regional universities on practical experiences for hydrogen industry workers. The training program includes courses on hydrogen safety and technologies along with a post-graduate certificate. The University of Birmingham helps vocational educators lead courses through the KnowHy platform. Industry professionals gain hands-on experience during training sessions at the H2 Gas Safe Lab and the Hydrogen Fuel Cell Skills Lab.


Mid & East Antrim Borough Council, GB

District council in Northern Ireland

GB flag

United Kingdom


Hydrogen Training Academy

The Hydrogen Training Academy is delivering a range of hydrogen training for industry across a number of sectors via a combination of online, classroom and practical training as part of an initial pilot project.

Project Succeeded

Mid & East Antrim was the Gold Winner of the Asset Management and Regeneration Award at the Public Sector Transformation Awards 2023. The Hydrogen Training Academy trained 112 participants during its 2022 pilot.

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