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Orlando, FL offers incentives for commuters to use green transportation via the Miles mobile app

Orlando, FL green transportation incentives mobile app game

In Progress

The city of Orlando partnered with ConnectIQ Labs to offer incentives via the Miles mobile app to residents who use green transportation including biking, walking, and transit. The Miles app gamifies transportation by rewarding users with prizes for accumulating miles. The city plans to create custom challenges for commuters to receive city-specific awards. The city hopes that the game will encourage commuters to reduce the usage of single-occupancy cars.

TransportationMobile AppPublic Private Partnership (PPP)

Orlando, FL

Municipality in Florida

United States


Miles | Frequent Flyer Program For Ground Transportation

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Orlando offering rewards for residents who use green transportation | Blogs

The city of Orlando is trying to encourage commuters to ride greener and reduce the usage of single-occupancy cars. In a partnership with the Miles app,...

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