Citizen Engagement Part 2: One-click engagement on the go

Williamsburg, VA and Arlington, TX share their use cases with Citibot - an AI driven chatbot that enables community engagement via text message or web chat.

Citizen Engagement Part 2: One-click engagement on the go media 1


In Part 2 of the series, I have the pleasure of chatting with Mark Barham, Information Technology Director from City of Williamsburg, VA and Ryan Hunt, Managing Editor for City of Arlington, TX to dive into their approach to citizen engagement. Bratton Riley from Citibot, joins us as well and together we will learn about what made these governments pick Citbot to deliver more digital, citizen-friendly tools for one-click engagement on the go...and what you should know as well in your search for an appropriate vendor.

In this short series, we’re talking all about Citizen Engagement. I’ll be highlighting some of the innovators in local government leveraging available tools to better engage with the communities they serve.

Our goal is to expose more local governments to the tools available to help by efficiently providing useful information about some of the leading products out there. We’d love it if you could spend less time finding and researching products and hopefully get to launching your digital efforts to engage with your residents more quickly. Stay tuned for more episodes on leading citizen engagement tools and the innovators in local government putting their products to use.

Citibot chat solutions help local governments achieve operational excellence and provide a modern customer service experience for all residents. With Citibot’s smart text messaging, web chat and interactive text alerts, residents can get immediate answers to questions, make service requests, send personalized messages and get real-time alerts anytime, all without anything for them to install.

You can listen to the full episode or learn more about innovative strategies local governments around the world are taking to navigate new digital tools, better engage with the breadth of their constituency and more on the $ Govlaunch Podcast$ .

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