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Gold Coast, QLD continues investments in zero-emission fleet vehicles with six electric cars

Gold Coast, QLD Zero-Emission Electric Fleet Vehicles


Gold Coast purchased six Hyundai Ioniq EVs to replace gas-powered fleet vehicles. Each EV can travel up to 300 kilometers per charge with an empty-to-full charge requiring six hours. The council uses solar-powered chargers at Karp Court, Nerang, and Waterside West public buildings to power EVs. This fleet conversion continues a history of zero-emission vehicle use starting with a 2010 EV trial.

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Gold Coast, QLD




City of Gold Coast | Electric vehicles

The City is replacing a number of petrol and diesel fleet cars with hybrid electrical vehicles in an effort to reduce carbon emissions.

City of Gold Coast | Climate change

Find examples of some of the positive actions the City has been taking to in reponse to climage change.



City powers up with electric vehicles | City of Gold Coast Online Media Centre

The City has introduced six fully electric vehicles to the Council fleet in an effort to reduce its carbon footprint.

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Gold Coast, QLD built a solar power network on council buildings to meet energy management goals

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