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Joondalup, WA drives City Centre Place Activation Plan with resident and business engagement

Joondalup, WA City Centre Place Activation Plan Engagement

In Progress

Joondalup started conversations about the plan with a drop-in ideas hub and collaborative public events. Residents were invited to pin location-specific suggestions and comments to an interactive map. City officials sent online surveys to households and businesses asking for their visions of a better city centre. This initial foray into community-driven activation planning acts as a template for future campaigns throughout Joondalup.

SurveysPlanningBusiness EngagementCitizen EngagementPilot / POC

Joondalup, WA

City in Western Australia



Joondalup City Centre Place Activation Plan – City of Joondalup



Ideas required to activate City centre – City of Joondalup

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