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Portland, OR ended its digital twin pilot with Replica over a dispute involving data privacy

Portland, OR digital twin pilot data privacy


The City of Portland partnered with Replica to launch a one-year pilot to develop a digital twin. The pilot involved using de-identified movement data to better understand where transit riders are traveling and which bike paths are perceived as safe. Replica was going to use 5% of the population's mobile devices to create a simulated model of travel including demographics and the reason for the trip. The goal was to provide actionable insights into mobility, economic activity, land-use, etc.

DataPublic Private Partnership (PPP)PrivacyPilot / POCDigital Twin

Portland, OR

Municipality in Oregon

United States



Maps That Can Guide a Changing City

The evolving technology of 'digital twins' can provide a dynamic, real-time view of the urban environment and the impact of ideas for improving it.


Portland Ditches Google’s Smart City Tech Sibling Replica

A city tech project in Portland with the Sidewalk Labs spin-off leads to accusations, data disputes and “damaged trust.”

Room for Improvement

The City of Portland ended its partnership with Replica over a disagreement about data sharing. Portland Metro requested disaggregated, raw data prior to it being processed into the de-identified “synthetic” data which Replica viewed as a compromise of user privacy.

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