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Rotterdam, ZH partnered with VIKTOR to prevent a local bridge from overheating with a digital twin

Rotterdam, ZH bridge proactive maintenance digital twin

In Progress

The City of Rotterdam partnered with VIKTOR to solve bridge uptime issues by developing a digital twin. When the metal of the Binnenhavenbrug bridge gets too hot it swells and cannot be opened or closed. The temperature of the bridge must be cooled down with water from the river to resume normal operations. The digital twin measures the bridge with sensors and acts as an early warning system by predicting overheating. The bridge can now be cooled proactively preventing traffic disruptions.

Road & Traffic ManagementAnalyticsPublic Private Partnership (PPP)Digital Twin

Rotterdam, ZH

Municipality in Zuid-Holland



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Gemeente Rotterdam: "Solving bridge uptime issues with a digital twin" - VIKTOR

During hot summer days the metal of the Binnenhavenbrug swells so much, that the bridge can no longer open or close. The temperature of the bridge is reduced by cooling it with water from the river. VIKTOR has developed an early warning system that measures the bridge with sensors. The bridge can now be cooled pro-actively which prevents logistic headaches for Rotterdam.

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