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Whistler, BC Community Monitoring Dashboard tracks progress toward Official Community Plan goals

Whistler, BC Community Monitoring Dashboard Community Plan


The dashboard gathers data from local surveys, Statistics Canada, and service providers. There are performance snapshots of recent trends in OCP core pillars including Tourism Based Economy and Sense of Place. A Corporate Indicators section evaluates positive, neutral, and negative trends in six corporate plan goals like Accountability and Infrastructure. Dashboard users also learn about trends in resort development, snowfall, and population growth in the Facts & Figures section.


Whistler, BC

City in British Columbia

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Resort Municipality of Whistler Community Monitoring Dashboard The Community Monitoring Dashboard showcases an array of indicators that are used to, inform decision-making, track progress and ensure accountability. WHAT IS THE COMMUNITY MONITORING DASHBOARD? The dashboard is a collection of core indicators that help support data driven decision making within the Resort Municipality of Whistler (RMOW)


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Whistler, BC works with local residents on new Parks Master Plan through OUTSIDE VOICE campaign

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