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Modesto, CA to launch AI-powered chatbot

The city is moving forward with its first chatbot, which will make it easier for residents to get answers to their questions and to request services in 71 languages. Per, officials have approved a three-year contract with South Carolina-based Citibot. Modesto expects to go live with its chatbot, as well as redesigns to its website and GoModesto app, between March and June 2024.


Modesto, CA

US flag

United States

San Antonio, TX introduces Talkin' Broadway chatbot for improved outreach during construction

A one-year contract with Hello Lamp Post resulted in a chatbot specific to the city's Lower Broadway improvements. Visitors text Hello SA 3 to 210-802-2265 or scan QR codes on sidewalk signage to start conversations in English or Spanish. Talkin' Broadway answers questions about planned closures, directs users to affected businesses, and accepts feedback for city review. The chatbot generates anonymized sentiment data helpful in shaping future outreach efforts.


San Antonio, TX

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United States

Fairfield, CA introduces Archie chatbot for enhanced customer support and communications

Archie is an AI-powered chatbot powered by Citibot and accessible from the city's website. Residents can report non-emergency issues like streetlight outages and potholes thanks to Archie's integration with the My FairfieldCA portal. The bot simulates human conversation in 71 languages to identify online resources and contacts appropriate for each conversation. City officials named the bot Archie in honor of the arch located on Texas Street.


Fairfield, CA

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United States

Stafford County, VA develops Ask Blu platform for enhanced public communication and customer service

The Ask Blu platform features an AI-powered chatbot for around-the-clock answers to questions about public services. The chatbot and a mobile app are available for service requests through the county's 311 system. Additional resources in the platform include location-specific newsletters about county services and the Blu's Academy suite of citizen education videos. Local officials used the Great Blue Heron as the platform's mascot because of community efforts to protect their nests.


Stafford County, VA

US flag

United States

Madrid, MD introduces Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Technologies Awards for small businesses

The inaugural competition offers a total of €480,000 for winning innovators in 12 categories. These categories include sustainability certification, satellite image processing, and predictive modeling in digital twins. Spanish-based small businesses are asked to deploy big data, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence in their projects. Successful applicants fall within Levels 1 to 7 of the Technology Readiness Level scale and demonstrate ease of implementation.


Madrid, MD

ES flag


Derby City Council, GB connects residents to city services with AI-powered digital assistants

Derby City Council introduced chatbots Darcie and Ali during an April 2023 rollout. Both bots use conversational AI to answer questions and direct inquiries to the correct city departments. Residents speak with Darcie via the council's website and the main phone line. Ali helps visitors to the Derby Homes website. Digital assistants and digital kiosks at Council House provided after-hours services during a pilot of shortened reception hours.


Derby City Council, GB

GB flag

United Kingdom

Stirling, WA deploys AI-powered chatbot for community feedback on local parks and facilities

Stirling and Hello Lamppost introduced Ainsley for public engagement during the design of its 10-year Community Infrastructure Plan. Signs with QR codes for the chatbot were installed at 42 locations including libraries, basketball courts, and community centers. Ainsley asks questions about visitor experiences, facility conditions, and areas of improvement by text message. The chatbot can also answer questions about city facilities and amenities.


Stirling, WA

AU flag


Alameda County, CA develops chatbots for more accessible and efficient public services

Alameda County's first experience with chatbots was the in-house development of CACHe early in the COVID-19 pandemic. CACHe directs users to vaccination, testing, and support services available through county health partners. The Information Technology Development created an internal chatbot for employee help desk tickets. The ACGOV Chatbot introduced in December 2022 answers frequently asked questions from the county's main page, thus reducing call and email frequency.


Alameda County, CA

US flag

United States

Los Angeles County, CA improves customer experiences with Assessor's Office chatbot

The Assessor's Office undertook a six-year conversion of its software and applications to a cloud-based system. This project supported the creation of an AI-powered chatbot for easier navigation of a new office portal. Residents engage in conversations with the bot in search of current data about property taxes and propositions. The chatbot incorporates lessons learned from past conversations, updated data, and newly added portal features into future interactions.


Los Angeles County, CA

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United States

Coral Gables, FL integrates ChatGPT into its Artificial Intelligence Digital Assistant chatbot

ChatGPT will automatically update the chatbot algorithm's datasets based on user requests. This means that a local resident seeking information on city services receives the most current information from AIDA. The Coral Gables Innovation and Technology (CGIT) team will focus on a human-centered design for the newest version of AIDA prior to public testing in 2024. CGIT also anticipates the integration of a smarter AIDA with Salesforce for an internal chatbot.


Coral Gables, FL

US flag

United States

Atlanta, GA improves customer service in non-emergency situations with ATL311 chatbot

The Zammo-powered ATL311 chatbot provides automated answers to basic questions around the clock. Residents can open new service requests in seven categories such as public safety, parks, and street maintenance. This AI-enabled bot also provides updates about existing cases without the need for 311 calls. City officials introduced the chatbot as part of an expanded ATL311 service including a mobile app and an updated Interactive Voice Response system.


Atlanta, GA

US flag

United States

Virginia Beach, VA integrates AI-enabled chatbot into its VB311 citizen request service

The chatbot supports the VB311 team in handling approximately 1,000 chat requests from residents each month. This bot refers users to online resources and service request links based on its knowledge of frequently asked questions. Residents may also be referred to VB311's live chat for more complex requests. Virginia Beach asks the community to select the chatbot's name and logo from five finalists - Beachbot, Ask Neptune, Ask VB, VBBot, or Botsby.


Virginia Beach, VA

US flag

United States

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