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Rotterdam, ZH partnered with Bentley System to create a digital twin and improve urban planning

Rotterdam, ZH digital twin urban planning analytics


The city of Rotterdam partnered with Bentley Systems to create a digital twin using existing city maps, 3D data from LiDAR, blueprints, and real-time sensors. The city is combining the predictive power of big data analysis and artificial intelligence to improve its urban planning process. The digital twin allows the city to use a new range of applications such as energy consumption analysis and asset management of subsurface infrastructure to optimize mobility, healthcare systems, etc.

AnalyticsVirtualizationDataArtificial Intelligence (AI)Public Private Partnership (PPP)Digital Twin

Rotterdam, ZH

Municipality in Zuid-Holland




Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Providing architects, engineers, constructors, and owner-operators with comprehensive architecture and engineering solutions for advancing infrastructure.


Digital City Rotterdam Presentation


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Rotterdam, ZH partnered with VIKTOR to prevent a local bridge from overheating with a digital twin

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